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What needs to be checked and why?


Tread depth - tyres wear down over time, and tread depth is more important than you think. The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm and if you go below this limit, it may result in a fine or points on your licence. At Hendy, we recommend replacing your tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm to maintain optimum braking performance - it's not worth taking a chance and that tiny bit more depth could make all the difference.


External damage - over time, cuts, lumps, bumps and bubbles can appear in your tyre walls or tread. These may arise as a result of hitting kerbs, potholes or objects in the road and can result in sudden tyre failure - even heavy braking can leave your tyres with flat spots. If issues such as these are spotted early, you can avoid having to use your spare tyre or waiting for roadside assistance.


Tyre pressure - your tyre pressures should be checked regularly to maintain optimum levels, as per the manufacturer's recommended PSI for both road comfort and fuel efficiency. If you're driving with low or high tyre pressures, you could be concentrating tyre wear to certain parts of your tyre, which could reduce traction long-term, plus you'll more than likely be emitting an increased amount of CO2 as you drive.


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