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Dacia Servicing


At Hendy, we understand how much you rely on your car, which is why our comprehensive after-sales service ensures your car is treated like it was our own. You can trust us to meet your every Dacia servicing and parts need to the highest standard.

Why have your Dacia serviced?

As a subsidiary of Renault, Dacia has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. It's now a popular car manufacturer in the UK and Hendy is one of the leading Dacia franchises. As such, we offer all Dacia servicing you'd require.

There are plenty of great reasons to service your Dacia and as with any vehicle, you'll keep it well-maintained, improving the performance and efficiency. There are also the benefits of retaining value on the car and increasing its life expectancy.

How often should you service your Dacia?

Whilst not a legal requirement, all experts would agree that your car should be serviced at least once a year. This keeps everything in check and ensures any potential issues are highlighted and acted upon early doors.

Refer to your Dacia manual for advice on how often your vehicle should be serviced, including:

·         A servicing schedule.

·         General maintenance dates, such as oil changes.

·         A schedule for replaceable parts to be changed.

Alongside the annual service, it's also worth pointing out that you should act if any warning symbols are displayed on the dashboard. Call Hendy as soon as possible if this is the case, as it could well be a serious matter.

Why choose Hendy Dacia for your next service?

As a recognised Dacia franchise, our mechanics have the experience and knowhow to complete your Dacia service to the very highest standards.

We also have four locations, including Brighton, Eastbourne, Horley and Tunbridge Wells, so call us today to book in your Dacia for a service. For competitive prices, professionalism and a supreme level of service each and every time, Hendy is here for you.